Short Stories


Investigation – Tara Sadhana meets with Special Investigator Michael Bailey to conduct a background check interview. As it progresses, the questions become more personal. Tara is struck at the intimacy of this professional encounter. The event has a profound effect on her, and she explores these effects in a surprising manner. This story will be included in the collection titled Dancing with Myself: Stories of Self-Love Erotica.

Symphony of Submission – Told from the second-person point of view, this story explores submission in the context of power play. It will be included in the collection titled The Big Book of Submission, Volume 2, published by Cleis Press.

Box of Colors – Josh has something special planned for Sasha on their second wedding anniversary. Lately, she’s been craving something more from her husband. She wants him to exert more control over her, but she has not been able to vocalize those desires. Can his idea involving a box of macarons work to give her what she desires? This story will be included in the collection titled Candy Lovers: Sugar Erotica.

Dessert – When pastry chef Margot Tate opens a shop in Old Town Alexandria, Peter cannot help himself. A man generally known for his refinement, he harbors a secret that he is not keen on sharing, particularly with intimate partners. Will this intriguing woman be the one to coax out his fetish? This story is included in the collection titled Goodbye Moderation: Gluttony, published by Sexy Little Pages.

Less Than Professional – Jess is a matchmaker in D.C., working for the boutique matchmaking service, Lunch Date. Her commute is horrible, only made better by listening to the host of Talking Money, Lucas Drake. When he becomes one of her clients, she realizes he’s as smooth as his voice. It’s wrong to date a client, but can they resist each other? This story is included in the collection titled Working It, published by SinCyr Publishing.

His Angel of Death – Fiona is a wartime nurse in Scotland. She is surrounded by death and destruction. However, her role as a nurse provides a perfect cover for her need to drink blood to survive. She makes the mistake of becoming acquainted with one of her patients. Will their attraction be enough to survive both the war and her secret? This story is included in the collection titled Blood in the Rain 3, published by Cwtch Press.

French Palate Tickler – After a divorce leaves him with a void, Travis enters into a D/s relationship with Mariana. He favors beer over wine, steak over duck breast, and vanilla ice cream over soufflé. For her birthday, Mariana instructs him to accompany her to a fabulous French dinner. During dinner, Travis is told to maintain his composure while a decidedly scandalous piece of equipment for his Domina’s pleasure. Can he perform to Mariana’s exacting standards? This story will be included in the collection titled Getting It: A Femdom Anthology, published by SinCyr Publishing.

Happy Mother’s Day – Theresa and Kyle are the proud parents of six-month-old Gloria. After throwing themselves into parenthood, they decide to take it easy for Mother’s Day weekend. Theresa has recovered from the pregnancy and is eager to resume physical passion with her husband. However, he has been cautious with her, much to her chagrin. Will one of Theresa’s former lovers be able to help the couple transition back into sexual passion? This story is included in the collection titled If Mom’s Happy: Stories of Erotic Mothers, published by Cwtch Press.

Succumb to Temptation – A young priest named Father Michael, recently graduated from the seminary, is preparing to celebrate Holy Week. He hears a confession from one of the young parishioners, a soprano in the choir named Claire Jacobs. She confesses that she has been having lustful thoughts for a priest; after he tells her to describe the priest in question, it is obvious that Claire is speaking about him. He gives her absolution, then watches her pray. He then hears her singing, and invites her to the parish office for a one-on-one meeting. He’d been a Dominant in his past, and has been struggling to ignore those temptations in order to help his Catholic followers. During the meeting, the two of them are overcome with yearning for each other and indulge in their desires. This is included in the collection titled Sacred and Profane: Priest Erotic Romance, published by Sexy Little Pages.

Performance – Our narrator is instructed to wear a specific outfit and arrive at the Kennedy Center at a certain time for a Washington National Opera performance of Carmen by Georges Bizet. She arrives and discovers that she is to watch the show alone, then realizes that her lover, Max Richardson, is playing in the pit orchestra. After an exhilarating first act, she meets with him in the basement during intermission. After their rendezvous, will he have enough energy to get through the second act? This is included in the collection titled Best Women’s Erotica of the Year, Volume 2, published by Cleis Press.

Out of Breath – Morgan Wile has started her freshman year on the University of Texas swim team. She is focused and keeps out of drama. However, on the first day of practice, she is immediately attracted to Travis Williams, a junior swimmer and known for his butterfly stroke. When they both have a sports massage appointment, they can’t resist each other. They are spotted, however, by Travis’s ex-girlfriend, who confronts Morgan the next day. Morgan has to figure out if she wants to pursue anything further with Travis, despite his past rearing its ugly head in addition her personal policy of never getting involved with teammates. This is included in the collection titled Love of the Game: Sports Stories to Make You Sweat, published by Sexy Little Pages.

Filling the Void – Josie Rodriguez is the subject for a special mission, conducted by a partnership between NASA and the Kinsey Institute. She is the female participant of a study to determine if humans can naturally reproduce in outer space. Her male partner for the study is also the captain of the mission, which takes place on board the International Space Station. Although she enjoys her time with the captain, she also harbors an attraction for another crew member. On this occasion, she asks the captain a bold request: to allow the other crew member into their bed, or rather test facility. He acquiesces, much to the delight of all involved. This is included in the collection titled Love and Lust in Space: Erotica & Erotic Romance Set In The Stars, published by Sexy Little Pages.

Soturi – Christine Molianen has completely recovered from her hysterectomy and her bout with ovarian cancer, and her doctor has given her the green light for physical intimacy. For their 20th wedding anniversary, her usually unromantic husband, Andrew, sweeps her off her feet and takes her to a quaint B&B just outside their town. Complete with a bubble bath and new lingerie, they enjoy a sweetly intimate evening together, leaving Christine renewed and rejuvenated. This is included in the collection titled Silver Desire: Erotic Stories of Older Women, published by Sexy Little Pages.

Not Sorry – Kat is a woman in her late thirties, living in one of the many wealthy suburbs of Washington, DC. She and her husband, Steven, found out that she is infertile and have thus not been intimate for a year. She has tried everything to entice him, but he is utterly uninterested in her advances. Frustrated, Kat finds a young military man, Sean, eager to please her as often as she likes. Kat is uninterested in anything beyond the physical, but is Sean of that same mindset?

Winding Down at Watergate – A year ago, Alicia spent a pleasurable weekend with Daniel. Since then, the confidence she had in her appearance has waned, and Alicia has devoted herself to the new high-powered job she holds. When the two meet up again by chance at a scandalized hotel, will Alicia be able to overcome her body-image issues and pick up where they left off? This is included in the collection titled Going Down: A House of Erotica Collection, published by House of Erotica.