One Night in Washington, D.C. – Free Excerpt

It’s almost here! My first novella, One Night in Washington, D.C., will be available for purchase this Wednesday, June 28. Since it’s coming up, I’d like to present a short excerpt for you to read:

She turned away, stepping off the escalator as she reached the bottom. They scanned their fare cards over the sensors at the turnstiles and slowed their pace. The overhead screen showed the next train would be arriving in fourteen minutes. “Gotta love the Orange Line, right?”
He smiled, then held her hand again. “Lauren, I should tell you that I first saw you when I was looking at schools for my master’s degree. I stopped at Boston University the day you gave your performance of Strauss’s First Horn Concerto.”
Lauren froze. That must be, what, eight years ago now? I was a freshman, made to do that as my final for that year. I was so stressed out.
“I’d initially gone in to see the space for a couple of minutes, and couldn’t leave once I heard how beautifully you were playing.” She gulped. “And yes, I admit your recital gown was a persuasive factor,” he said with a grin. Wasn’t it emerald green and strapless? “I know it was a long time ago, but I’m not afraid to say that I was pretty crushed when I didn’t get accepted to BU’s grad school program.”
She wasn’t used to hearing this kind of flattery from a potential sexual partner. Most men didn’t even know what a French horn was. “I—um—I don’t really know what to say.”
She was grateful that the station was practically empty. He led her to a short alcove off the main corridor of the station. There was a brown door labeled Authorized Personnel Only. He got close to her, pressing her back against the cold concrete in front of the closed door. The heat radiating from his hard body made her swoon a little.
“You want me, don’t you?”
She watched his eyes dart around, taking stock of the minutest features of her face. She was no longer that fresh-faced, nubile eighteen-year-old, terrified of messing up her performance. Strangely, though, she found she wasn’t trying to hide from his gaze. She wanted him to note the changes in her skin, in her body, in her being.
He moved his hands to clasp the sides of her face. She bit her lower lip, then whispered, “Oh yes, Adam.”
He leaned forward, pressing harder against her. As she closed her eyes, she felt his lips cover hers. So, this is what it’s like. She responded readily, placing her hands on his waist and urging him closer. She opened her mouth, allowing him access. Her knees practically gave way when his tongue was on hers, the burning taste of whiskey mixing with the lingering fruit of wine. He was deliberate but not aggressive, as if hinting at his potential to be both a gentle and a vigorously rough lover.
Lauren broke the kiss and leaned out of the alcove to look at the screen. The train was due in two minutes. She fixed her hair a little. “The train’s going to be here soon.”
“All right.”
“Well, you still haven’t answered my proposal.”
He pulled her in for a quick kiss. I could absolutely get used to kissing him. “I, too, have an open calendar for tomorrow.”
She smiled ear to ear. She didn’t care if she looked too eager: life was too short to play any games, particularly with her libido. “I’m five stops away. My place?”
“Sounds perfect.”

Pre-order One Night in Washington, D.C. here!


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