Release Date: “If Mom’s Happy: Stories of Erotic Mothers”

I know it’s been a while, but I am so pleased to announce that I have another short story out today! This one is titled Happy Mother’s Day and is included in Cwtch Press’s collection, If Mom’s Happy: Stories of Erotic Mothers.


As of this writing, I am not a mother. Motherhood is a phenomenon that is both familiar and alien to me. Friends and acquaintances have made that step in their lives, plus there is a plethora of online blogs, resources, and communities dedicated to motherhood. It seems that there is a new column regarding a mother’s work-life balance every week. Marketing departments for automakers bombard television viewers with SUV commercials depicting a busy-but-with-it mother with at least one car seat in a spotless leather interior.

And yet I am entirely unfamiliar with the reality of motherhood. I haven’t carried a child, raised it to become at least a functioning member of society, and turned its room into the sewing room during its sophomore year of college. I haven’t changed a diaper, taken a Saturday to drive to a soccer game, helped with homework, or entered into the breast- or bottle-fed debate.

Happy Mother’s Day introduces the reader to Theresa and Kyle, new parents to a six-month-old daughter. For their first Mother’s Day, the parents take the first part of the weekend to themselves, leaving their child with Kyle’s parents, whom they will join for a Sunday brunch. I wanted to explore how new parents return to their physical passion post-pregnancy, albeit with a twist that I think readers will find interesting.

Read an excerpt below:

On the shared sink, there was a jar of organic cocoa butter one of her colleagues had discreetly given her at her baby shower. Theresa opened the bottle and rubbed some between her fingers, warming it up. With both hands, she massaged her areolas and nipples, coating them with moisturizer. She watched herself in the mirror and felt a river of warmth trickle down within her body. Theresa gently pulled at both her nipples, recognizing the familiar electric tug radiating from them. They weren’t sore anymore.

She tugged at them again, twisting as she pinched. The sensation was sharper this time. Biting her lower lip, she repeated the gesture, losing herself in the blissful, physical moments.

This collection is sure to be an excellent Mother’s Day gift. I for one cannot wait to read the other stories. Happy reading!


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