Release Date: “Love and Lust in Space”

The world is still turning, and despite everything, I am pleased to announce another anthology’s release date. Today, the collection titled, “Love and Lust in Space: Erotica & Erotic Romance Set In The Stars,” was released and is now available for purchase. In this collection, readers will find stories about randy astronauts, virtual reality lovers, sex in near-death situations, and a lot more.

My story, titled “Filling the Void,” is a story that took a great deal of work on my part. Crafting it took a fair amount of research, which was all entirely necessary. While it took a lot out of me, I will admit that it was a joy to write. Scientists and astronauts are, by definition, an exceptional group of people. They seek answers to questions that many believe are unanswerable. In their own way, they are heroes.

When I saw the original call for submissions, I hesitated. Science fiction has never been a genre that I’m drawn to, and it certainly isn’t a genre for which I have experience writing. However, writing, and writing erotica in particular, is best done when one is compelled out of his or her comfort zone. With that in mind, I decided to give it a shot.

Considering that one of humanity’s missions is to get to Mars, with the possibility of slipping the bonds of Earth and living among the stars, I thought about the prospect of human reproduction in a non-Earth environment. Surely that would be tested before humanity set out among the Solar System and parts beyond, right? Thinking along those lines, I was able to write a neat little story for your pleasure.


Here’s a sneak peak for your enjoyment:

Josie tried to remember the mission protocol if she got the result both NASA and the Kinsey Institute, or KI as they called it, wanted. A year ago, she’d read an article in a magazine that the organizations were looking for people in excellent health for a special program. Seeing as she was unmarried, childless, and had been an exotic dancer to pay the bills, Josie had submitted an application on a whim. Her application had been accepted and her trip to Indiana had been paid for by the Institute; they’d flown her in so that she could undergo rigorous physical and mental tests, which she had passed easily. On the final day of her trip, four attractive men had been paraded before her.

The men that KI had chosen for this study were already in peak physical condition, since they were all from NASA’s astronaut program. KI had gone a step further and taken DNA samples from each male crew member to pair with hers. The four men she had seen, she was told, had MHC complexes that were quite variant from hers. As such, a child from any of these men had a higher probability of being healthy and devoid of any genetic ailments, from minor allergies to major genetic diseases.

“Please choose an individual for the experiment. These are members of the crew that will be on this mission to the ISS. One of these men will also serve as your, shall we say, partner,” the director of the project had explained. When Josie saw Chris’s dark eyes, full lips, and tall, well-formed body, she knew instantly that she wouldn’t have any problem experimenting with him. Thus far, each experience had been wonderful, although not fruitful.

Hope you are eager to find out more about Josie and Chris. Until next time, happy reading!


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