“There is no such thing as a moral or an immoral book. Books are well written, or badly written.” – Oscar Wilde

Hello, and welcome to my website! Feel free to look around and indulge in some intimate delights.

Below is a taste of what I have to offer. This is an excerpt from my first publication, Winding Down at Watergate:

“He’d wrapped his huge arms around me, pinning me to him. Our tongues had dueled in each other’s mouths, my fingers had entwined in his thick brown hair, he’d taken off my black camisole and black lace bra. Oh, how I’d wanted this. He’d smelled of cedar. He’d carried me to his dark bedroom, making me feel light, more feminine than I’d ever felt before. He’d set me down, anointing my body with kisses and licks. He knelt as his lips traveled from my face to my neck to my breasts, stopping at my belly. He’d looked at me as he’d unbuttoned my jeans and pulled both them and my thong down. I’d stepped out of them on instinct, for once not shy about being naked in front of a man. He’d lowered his eyes and pressed his face into my vulva, inhaling deeply.”

If you liked that, come on in, and don’t be shy.